Office Remodeling

I’m embarking on the journey of redesigning my office and establishing a dedicated workspace for my budding business. Opting for a blue-based color scheme will infuse a sense of tranquility and focus into the environment. To get started, I’ll prioritize ergonomic furniture to ensure comfort during those long work hours and invest in ample storage solutions to maintain organization. Adequate lighting will be key for reducing eye strain, and I’ll make sure to have a reliable computer setup. Personal touches like motivational decor and greenery will create an inspiring atmosphere and organize with shelves, bulletin boards, and a whiteboard for maximum efficiency. This new workspace will be the perfect canvas for my entrepreneurial dreams to flourish.

Total Cost? TOO MUCH!!

We always have the best of intentions to keep the price down; this time, however, I will keep to three price points.



New Desk

Feature Wall

New Shelves

New Chair

Foot Stool



Everything in Basic AND…

Standing Desk

Area Carpet

Guest Chair

New Desk Accessories



Everything in Upgrade AND…

New Curtains

Paint the room

Ceiling Fan

Upgrade Web Video Equipment


Below is a list of frequently asked questions about remodeling my office.

What color will I paint it?

With its clean, minimal design and soft features, I’m going for an overall light cream with blue accents.

What is my timeline?

With family coming into town for the winter holidays, the work will slowly be done in between guest stays. Kind of like running a Bed and Breakfast…